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Dear Sirs, we are pleased to bring at your knowledge of the news about the possibility of establishment of Anglo-Saxon law, the so-called "OFFSHORE COMPANIES (IBC)" in the Republic of Seychelles:
  • the Republic of Seychelles is considered "tax haven" in effect since 1994, when the government passed the law on the legal constitution of "Company Business";
  • the establishment of an Offshore Company can take place even without the physical presence of the partner or partners and / or the Director, you only need a certified copy via scanner / email a copy of the passport and, more authenticated, a user who tries exact address customer;
  • the corporate purpose will be as broad as possible, therefore they can be carried out any operation free / tax, except for banking, insurance, sale of arms, drugs, pedophilia, all linked to terrorism, etc., also you will need to agree on the composition of the board, which will consist of one administrator by two directors to sign jointly or severally, or by a Board of Directors;
  • the company's capital will be USD, Eur or GBP and there are no limits on amount and in addition will not have to 'be paid;
  • actions which will consist of the share capital shall be registered shares, bearer shares from OECD directives are no longer permitted;
  • once set the company on all There will be delivered via courier to your address, you will be given all the documents with Apostille Notarial and will include Certificate of Incorporation, Share certificates, Nominee Director / s, Memorandum and Articles of Assotiation.
Your will have only to hand over part of the signed documents via scanner / email.

With documents in your possession you can maintain relations of c / c with any Bank Credit Institute worldwide, was in own that by Proxy, also if you want you can work with the newly-formed companies in each country giving the same legal status by appointing a statutory legal representative and setting up a headquarters.


  • there is no taxation only an annual registration fee (annual fee) regardless of the volume of business or turnover;
  • domiciliary and registered office and matching processing including annual fee;
  • very simplified accounting requirements (there is the budget deposit obligation) to ns. exclusive charge and included in annual cost and the "Seychelles State Fee";
Some things you can do with "offshore companies":
  1. opening of the banking relationships of c / c with any credit institution in the world, you will be assisted by us for the necessary documentation;
  2. to make investments in the "Stock Exchanges" around the world, NOT Capital gain;
  3. trading import export tax free;
  4. header of shares that do not have real estate object;
  5. notax of securities or real estate capital gains;
  6. online transactions on the Internet tax free;
  7. Billing no-tax of: financial transactions; legal, commercial, technical and collaboration; Real estate and not; of services of every kind and nature; of design and research studies; market surveys; advertising and propaganda; representation; brokerage; of expenses for congresses conventions and the like.
The Holborn Company will provide you with the necessary documentation to the deductibility 'of the costs in accordance with the laws of each country.

For more information and rates are invited to call us at +66861645907​ or via email info@holborn.sc

We are on Skype: tonyholborn
We are on WA - LINE - VIBER with the number indicated above.


As is well known because of the fall of the "banking secrecy", it has changed the global economic situation; as a result of this, all so-called former "tax havens" are no longer safe places where to keep their savings.

In this premise it is due to the fact that the countries "Offshore" which open bank accounts to companies or individuals of foreign nationality, have the obligation to inform the nation of citizenship or residence.

Also due to the political instability of the Arab countries, aggravated lately also by ISIS, see last attack in Tunis, Cairo, Paris and Brussels for several months is taking a flight of capital to other countries not sensitive to the "Religious Wars "(news now battered by all the newspapers, including foreign ones).


The answer is not easy, in fact, where it is still possible to open a tax haven an offshore company and an offshore bank account is blocked from using the money deposited therein outside of that country also with credit cards, which can be used within the country are offshore and in local currency (is seen now Cayman Islands, the Virgin Islands, the UK Channel Islands, Turks & Caicos, Caribbean in general and many others such as Switzerland, Monte Carlo, Luxembourg, Litchenstein, and unfortunately for many Italians who like a lot, even Dubai is now in the White List).

This is due to the economic embargo ordered by the US and EU with the "Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act" with which has increased transparency towards banks.


Respecting the laws of the countries with which it intends to converse, the HOLBORN INTERNATIONAL, Number ONE in the world for 30 years for SERIOUSNESS, EXPERIENCE, PRICES, studied a series of procedures that put the customer in a position of absolute tranquility, such as a securities investment which the purchase of shares of a Seychelles our companies already capitalized with a bank account already opened in a country NOT IN BLACK LIST AND NOT IN EU.

The procedure is as follows:
  1. the Customer Interested making a wire transfer via IBAN / SWIFT, to be made on a bank account held by a society to buy shares of the company in question (a kind of home banking, authorization to transfer money to buy shares of a foreign company or real estate);
  2. the customer in this way making a money transfer coincides with the exact value of the company's Social Capital in question (can also be done in installments);
  3. the customer becomes 100% shareholder of the company we purchased;
  4. the customer receives all original with apostille Notarial which guarantees the authenticity of the signatures, attesting to the ownership and transfer of shares;
  5. the customer is entitled to have a bank account with reference to the acquired company, GIA 'OPEN opened not in Europe but in a country NOT IN BLACK LIST;
  6. the customer will receive a credit / debit card Mastercard or Visa, Gold or Platinum with a credit line coinciding at Capital purchased by him, minus our commission and start-up costs;
  7. available accounts in Euro - GBP - USD.
The share capital of the Company from us already been part of a minimum of EUR 100,000 or equivalent in GBP or USD.

The capitalization of the offshore companies will depend, therefore, the amount that the customer will want to transfer, for example whether it will transfer a million Euros, your company will have a million Euros of share capital that can be used immediately to your account.

This million, net of our commission equal to 7% and net of corporate and initial banking costs "fixed" (15,000 euros), can be immediately used on the account via a Visa / Mastercard world wide, fitted with microchips and Pin Code that only the customer will know and that will in our case a credit line of Euro 915,000

The card can be used worldwide in ATM / ATM and POS.
The current account will be exclusively available to the new owner of the company who will be able to check online at IB your movements and make other payments increase of share capital in the future and then other transfers on your account, always passing, if he wants, through a our company, which will operate as a "filter", by securing the customer from "prying eyes" because the beneficiary will not be him or your company, but we will refer to him, who then immediately we turn what is due to him on your behalf.

This aspect asks, therefore, the customer in a position of absolute tranquility because both the fee for the first transfer reportedly buying corporate or real estate, is all the expenses and withdrawals made with Credit cards will not be attributable to him (watch only in the euro area do not make airline reservations or pay POS Hotels traced to his name).

Everything will be regularly invoiced by our European society, costs 100% deductible for tax purposes.

The annual cost of account management and maintenance of the company will be Euro 3,000 per year.
The Charter will be free the first year, from the second year onwards the cost will be € 300, the cost for any transfers from the account will be 2%, the cost for withdrawals ATM / Debit Cards will be 3%, while there will be no additional costs for expenses in POS, the customer may terminate your account at any time and transfer all your ceiling in another account world wide to your liking, you can also close the company in his name with an expenditure of € 3,000.

Any person can make the purchase above even with current legal proceedings, we will not ask bank references, nor civil nor criminal.
Currently these bank accounts contain ns Capital invested and, therefore, we can not, for the moment, to reveal where they are; would fail the "Confidentiality Agreement" that will be signed between us and the customer because, by making known where we have deposited the amounts relating to Social Capital, implicitly notify the whole world where they will be kept the savings of our new clients that take over in the companies which we sold.

The most important thing to know is that our bank accounts are open but NOT IN EUROPE COUNTRIES NOT IN BLACK LIST.

A team of experts in international law accountants, tax and corporate with Seychelles studies, Bangkok and Hong Kong will be at your disposal. Ns The files are kept at the Registered Office, and specifically in Victoria, Seychelles, we have no other branches and, therefore, that our clients will be considered "safe" to privacy, on request for an additional professional brochure with further clarification.

For any further information we invite you to write to info@holborn.sc or call +66861645907 and on skype: tonyholborn - we are also on Viber and WA.

For residents in the EU can establish a company in United Kingdom (LTD), with registered shares or "Corporate", that is made out to a company, as well as the director may be nominative or Corporate.

The minimum capital required is £ 1 timetable for establishing two days.

Warning: the company will not be an IBC or a LLC but a normal person giuiridica ie subject to all the requirements of form and substance of any company in Italy and that accounting and financial reporting, but certainly more concessional and simpler.

It is not necessary to request the VAT - T.V.A. (ns. VAT) in the case in which the company operated outside of the UK.

It is the condition of reciprocity without conditions between Italy and the UK for the purchase of real estate or equity investments.

For more information, certainly necessary, and rates We invite you to ask us a specific request and will send your ns. brochure.
4) U.S.A.

PRESTIGIOUS OFFICE: Company Formation in USA - LLC (Limited Liability Company), shall be treated as IBC (offshore companies), they can be formed not only by US residents and also can operate only outside the State Use constitution and are tax-free.

Annual duties only formal and simplified filing with the budget (only formal) after 365 days. by the constitution, including the annual fees "US State fee" to be paid strictly by the year in which penalty the immediate cancellation of the company. Dall'01.01.2008 'was deliberate an annual tax of US $ 450 in the State of New York, Delaware and Nevada but it is subject to change.

And 'the condition of reciprocity', without conditions, between Italy and USA to purchase real estate or corporate partepazioni.

For this type of company shares will be registered shares (member or corporate) but can also be made out to foreign companies, even offshore pre-incorporated in the Republic of Seychelles, (excluding the State of New York), also the Administration same (member or management) can be donated to a person "physical" or "legal" that is, the same pre-established company in the Seychelles. The name must necessarily contain the words "Limited Liability Company" or abbreviated as "LLC" or "LLC".

States Constitution: NEW YORK - (for prestige), Delaware and Nevada.
Time of creation: 10 days max., max documents within 20/30 days.



These three jurisdictions adapting before other OECD directives applied an annual minimum tax that varies depending on the company structure.

The ns. the company is very well placed and also operates in Hong Kong where society may be set in law Anglo-Saxon (Hong Kong was a British colony until 1997 and has remained intact the corporate structure), the formation of a company in Hong Kong It requires a minimum capital of HKD 10,000 (EUR 1,000), the appointment of a Secretary local, an Auditor (Auditor) always of the place and the shares may not be bearer shares, but registered shares. It is mandatory to complete a year-end annual financial statements certified by the auditor and keep records updated.

No income tax is due if the company's sales takes place outside the territory of the state of Hong Kong and is not open to citizens resident in the Republic of China, the only fulfillment annual payment of the registration fee, Fee Register Office, Secretary annual fee, Auditor Annual fee and ns. fees.

No need to open TVA (ns. VAT).

The company may also be legalized in Italy with the appointment of a legal representative and request a VAT or tax code.

It established reciprocity with Italy for the purchase of properties.

Please ask, without any commitment of course, also to Hong Kong a brochure with information and rates.

The British Virgin Islands or BVI locate in the Caribbean are very popular for the formation of companies "Offshore", currently at 1 January 2016 there are over 1,300,000.

Offshore company formation is possible from back in 1985 but in recent years there have been several changes in the previous legislation (see 01.01.2007 and 01.01.2009).

There is an absolute guarantee of privacy, in the Register Act will be highlighted only the name of the company and the capital stock but not the name of the Director (Director).

The company must be incorporated with registered shares or bearer, Minimum capital 50,000 shares of US $ 1, the share if the carrier will not be given to the holder but will remain deposited in the custody of the Registered Agent must be notified of the name of the recipient.
The Director may be individual or corporate (legal person).
The company is obliged to pay only the annual fee, on pain of immediate termination.

A company incorporated in the BVI can buy property in Italy without any restrictions, it is the condition of reciprocity.

Ask for a brochure with no commitment fees on BVI.

The "Declaration of Trust" is a necessary tool for those who want to maintain anonymity on their assets, with the document you subscribe to just a "trust" by granting to a trustee (trustee) the management of its assets behind for a fee, so that the actual owner (settlor) is completely anonymous, but it can act with "Power of Attorney" by controlling and administering their property but, for all, the assets will be owned by others.

IMPORTANT, the latter can not independently sell the goods without the permission of the "recipient" that will be of course the same owner, and again, IMPORTANT the assets granted in trust not fall to be part of the assets of the Trustee, therefore even in case of insolvency, for international law, the assets will be untouchable.

Contatteteci if you have tax problems (investigations), civil liability, professional (lawyers, doctors, accountants, engineers etc ...) creditors (payables trade and business, injunctions etc ..) double and responsibility in general.

No particular formalities and NO-TAX, we will invite you to consider the declaration of trust as an indispensable tool in your "FINANCIAL PLANNING".

1. What is a Seychelles Foundation?

A Seychelles Foundation is a corporate alternative to the creation of a trust. Once formed it becomes its own legal entity. For a Seychelles Foundation to come into existence, it requires a “Founder” who is the person or Corporate body forming the Foundation, a “Protector” who is required to ensure management compliance in a similar way to how a trust operates, and a “Beneficiary” like the concept of a trust, is the person or group of persons benefiting from the Foundation and finally there is a requirement for “Council Members”.

There are however, no requirements for shareholders as in a company.

A Seychelles Foundation is a new legal entity, taking on its own legal personality. As such the Foundation becomes the owner of the Foundation’s property. Foundations are able to own multiple companies or corporations, assets, shares in companies and can leave instructions to be carried out in the same way as a Trust can. Such wishes will be included in the Foundation Regulations. This document is neither registered with any authorities in Seychelles or elsewhere nor is available to the public, thereby ensuring the utmost confidentiality in these details.

2. Why create a Seychelles Foundation?

A Seychelles Foundation is a highly recommendable step to take in determining the protection of your assets. It boasts a reputation for high levels of security and confidential legislation.

The Seychelles Offshore environment allows for structuring flexibility when it comes to forming foundations, such as the avoidance of reporting and auditing to external government agencies.

3. Types of Seychelles Foundations
  1. Public Foundations: these are established by families, groups, etc.
  2. Private Foundations: these are established by individuals, generally these are private investment foundations.
  3. Government Foundations.
  4. Hybrid Foundations: these can be established by any of the above.
4. The practical uses of a Seychelles Foundation
  1. Protection of personal wealth from financial and political stability of your domestic jurisdiction.
  2. Estate management, enabling one to plan and distribute the foundation assets through a central management system.
  3. Tax planning purposes especially for inheritance assets.
  4. Corporate Control is maintained and monitored.
  5. Employee share option schemes
  6. Pension benefit plans
  7. Charity groups
5. What assets can be held in a Seychelles Offshore Foundation?

There are several type of assets which can be held in an Offshore Foundation:
  • Shares and stocks for private and public companies or corporations
  • Bank deposits, bonds
  • Life Insurance Policies
  • Portfolios of investment plans
  • Real Estate
  • Life Estates
  • Intellectual Property such as Trade Marks, Patents and Copyrights
  • Personal Property
  • Assets of private Foundations
  • Art Collections etc…
6. Advantages of Seychelles Foundations
  • They offer a no tax environment for offshore investors.
  • Seychelles Foundations are exempt from business tax.
  • Very high level of confidentiality and anonymity under Seychelles Law
  • Seychelles Foundations are an excellent corporate asset protection mechanism.
  • Seychelles Foundation can own multiple companies or corporations and assets with no restrictions as to what the assets can be.
  • Payment of reasonable compensation, whereby you are compensated for your services to the Foundation.
  • Can enforce set instructions (wishes) to be carried out in a similar way that a trust deed works.
  • No capital gains tax or taxes on business profits.

For more information on the uses of a Foundation in international tax planning structure, please contact Holborn Asia Corp. and our expert staff and Legal Consultants will assist you in structuring your personal family investment portfolio, your real estate or yours or your family trading company.
Why have you chosen the Republic of Seychelles as an ideal place to open our offshore company?

Because since 1976, the year of the proclamation of the state of Independence, was established in the form of a Government Republic associated with the British Commonwealth.
The new version of the Constitution, strongly Democratic, was approved in 1993.
Currently considered the state where the secret company is guaranteed absolutely, it goes without saying that the industry that the business sector, that is linked to high finance, is the most important item of national GDP beyond tourism.
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